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The CIA pharma military industrial complex are experimenting with self-assembling nanoparticles. Are they causing the massive bloodclots we have been seeing worldwide?

More here;


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JJ Couey Exposing the gross duplicity of the Intellectual Dark Web of C-19:

If you think Robert Malone and Jordan Petersen are on your side.... Watch JJ comment on their words and Think Again!


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Right on Dee Dee.

And this from El Gato Malo tonight. Fits perfect with your post

short 4 min video of our 'leaders' telling us what to do .. as they did the complete opposite.

We can never forget. Shouldn't forget, nor forgive this.


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Incredible that so many still can't discern.

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There is so much to be said about this that I do not know where to even begin...

For years I thought that although chemical "medicine" might have nasty side effects there is a place for them, and that this approach basically saved me from croaking in hospital in 95.

I thought that medicine in general had a "cut out date' sometime in the seventies or maybe a bit later, where old, established chemicals and routines before that were perhaps less corrupt and more factual.

Growing up with the smell and impressions of a chemistry I still had deep instincts from early on basically yelling at me to get out of that thinking haha, and now after both battling "autoimmune diseases" including extreme fatigue since the eighties it seems that now I'm getting close to both viable solutions and a REAL picture of what is going on!

In the interim I did a bachelor in oriental medicine (acupuncture) in London, lots of digging in old tradition as well as working with the mind. Functional medicine has helped a lot, and then more radical approaches to diets combined with working with the mind seems to make that last mile possible...

Oh, and of course now just staying OUT of the slaughterhouses for the years to come requires major planning and work!

Well there is always a Way through any Wilderness, even the technocractic deserts... ;-)

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Relatedly (and to my great surprise, it's still there on FB):

Kimber Lapie Laughs Her Way Through a Recap

Nov 16, 2022



KIMBER LAPIE [laughing throughout]: Remember when this whole sh*t show kicked off and they told us, or the science told us that it came from a Wuhan wet market because somebody ate a bat? And y'all believed that! Y'all believed that even though there was some scientists that came forward and said, you know what, that's not really that likely, I think maybe we should take a look just down the road at the Wuhan biolab where they're currently doing gain-of-function research into corona viruses. And you're like, nah! That's crazy talk. Fauci told you that it was a conspiracy theory and you believed him, and you listened to the mainstream media when they told you it was a conspiracy theory and then you started calling us, anybody that mentioned that we should maybe look at the biolab, you called us conspiracy theorists without any proof, any proof that what we were saying was wrong.

And then, remember, remember when they said two weeks to flatten the curve? And you just stayed home? You just stayed home because they said, they said that if we stay home it'll flatten the curve and we'll all be good to go after two weeks. And you listened, Y'all stayed home.

And then remember when you did come out? Remember? They told you, six feet of social distancing. And guess what? Guess what, you might not know this, but they totally made that number up off the top of their heads! There's no science behind that. But you listened anyways. You listened anyways.

And remember when initially, they were running short on masks, so they told you, and they were actually telling the truth, and so you might want to listen to that, for decades, for decades they have known that masks are ineffective against viral spread. It even says on the box of masks that you bought, they're ineffective against viral spread. But you didn't care. You didn't care, and you got angry if other people didn't wear them, even though you were wearing yours, you didn't care. You didn't care!

And then they told you you could only go one way down the aisle in the grocery store and you totally followed the arrows!

And then they told you, you're gonna, you know the virus can survive on surfaces so when you get home from the grocery store you're going to have to wipe down everything in your grocery bag with Lysol wipes and then you're going to have to wash the bags and disinfect everything before putting it away. And guess what? They were wrong about it too. They were wrong about too! But you listened!

They had you going around with measuring sticks, making sure nobody got within 6 feet of you. Some of you were wearing frigging bags on your heads, hugging people through shower curtains. Oh my God, the lunacy! And you just went along with it based on zero science. But all along you kept saying, we're trusting the science.

Then they rolled out the experimental jibby jabs. Yeah, that was when the science really came into play.

They told you they were experimental. And you didn't even care!

They gave you zero proof of their safety or their efficacy. They just said, they're safe and effective. And you believed them! Without even seeing the science. They didn't release the science, so how could you see it?

And then, and then here was the red flag moment. This is when you should have wised up, is they said, that if you get injured or, you know, disabled, or even if a family member dies, you have no financial recourse against the makers of this experimental shot. That's on you! That was on you! You were OK with that, you took the chance. And you kept calling us selfish for not getting it. That was pretty rich. That was pretty rich.

Remember when all the crafty Karens, got out there, got out their sewing machines and they started whipping up masks, designer masks so you could look extra-special as you virtue signaled. Yeah, that was real, that happened. Some of you are still wearing them.

So, so you went and got your shot because you were following the science. Right?

Which one did you get? Which one? Did you get the one and done? Remember that shot? Just one shot's all you need! And then you're good! You'll be protected! You won't carry it, you won't transmit it. You won't get infected. Remember that? And the people rushed out and they got it, and guess what? Guess what? A couple weeks later they came out with, you know what, we might have been wrong about that one shot, you're going to need two. And you didn't even fu*king care! You didn't care that they were wrong about that. You didn't care because you trust in the science and the science was saying OK well now we're going to need two shots.

So they told you, it's OK. It's OK. We just need you to go out and get your second shot and then you'll be fully vaccinated and you can have your passport. You know, that passport that you called us a conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist for suggesting earlier? Yeah, that passport. And so if you went out and you got your second shot, you'd get your passport. Guess what, so the people did. And they told you it didn't matter what shot you got with zero, zero research into the mixing of two different shots. But you trusted them anyways and you got that second shot.

Then you found out, guess what, you are not qualified to get your coveted V-pass, you're going to have start over. And you didn't even care! You didn't even care! People didn't care. Or maybe they cared a little bit but the other people, the ones that went for the two shots, the two shots that they told you, once you get these two shots, the virus stops with you. You will not catch it, you will not transmit it, and it's safe and effective. Remember that? So y'all went and you got your two shots and you picked up your vaccine passport so you could go onto places where the unvaxxed weren't allowed.

You never even questioned the fact that, why would there be a need to stay away from somebody that's unvaxxed if you're protected? You never even questioned that. Never even crossed your mind.

So then all these people that are fully vaxxed start hanging out in all these venues where the unvaxxed aren't allowed to go. And guess what happens! Break through cases! Break through cases! And then y'all thought that was an anomaly, y'all thought that that was just an anomaly, and then they told you, the science said to you, you know what, that's on you guys, because you didn't allow your immunity to kick in. So—

Oh, back up, back up, I forgot one, I forgot one. Because they told you, the science told you, if you got your two shots, you would no longer need to wear a mask, you wouldn't need to social distance, you could go visit other vaccinated people, and guess what? Didn't happen! It didn't happen! You still had to wear your fu*king mask! You still, you weren't even mad that they lied about that, or that they were wrong about that. You didn't even care!

So then you had your two shots and outbreaks are happening all over the place amongst the people that were told that they couldn't catch or spread it, so then they flipped the narrative, they're like, well, you know what, we might have been wrong about that. You can catch it, you can spread it, but! But! Your symptoms will be less severe than if you hadn't gotten the shot. And without any science to even back that up, you believed them.

And actually a lot of you, actually, the fact that you'd been told that you'd been immunized, that part totally erased from your memory bank and you just went with the new narrative. Well, we were never told, we were never told we'd be protected, we were just told that it would reduce our symptoms.

So explain me, doing it to protect others mantra then, OK? And explain why you were so upset that other people weren't getting it if the only person that benefitted was you? How was I being selfish for not getting it if you getting it only benefitted you? How? You don't even question it! You don't even question it.

So then, so then you were good, you had your two shots, you were fully v'ed, you can go out with your vaccine passport, knowing that you're safe until, until, guess what? You're going to need boosters! You're going to need boosters!

What shot are you on now? What shot? Is it six or seven? And all along, all along you keep getting sick, you keep spreading it amongst each other and you think that this is all the fault of the unvaccinated?

I got to tell you, I got to tell you, I've been following your science and I don't think it's saying what you think it's saying. I think that this recap was needed. And speaking of caps, speaking of caps [puts on a baseball cap that says "Tin Foil"]. For the record, I wear this one proudly.



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Interesting how the truth changed almost every day, during that hoax.

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I pretty much stay with transcribing censored and shadow-banned video from 2021-March 31, 2023, but this one I couldn't resist:

Grabien: Rules Are For the Lab Rats

June 16, 2023


hat tip:


one law for thee, another for me

June 16, 2023



MALE TV REPORTER: Tonight while Governor [of California] Newsom is telling all of us to have Thanksgiving dinner outside, he's facing some new fallout for that fancy birthday dinner party he went to at the French Laundry.*


GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: It was in Napa which is the orange status, relatively loose compared to some other counties. Ah, it was to be an outdoor ah, ah, restaurant.


ANOTHER MALE TV REPORTER: Raising some new questions about the governor's claims that the dinner was outdoors, as he has repeatedly claimed.


GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: And I let my guard down, and I apologize for it.


FEMALE TV REPORTER: Mayor [of Chicago] Lori Lightfoot has been adamant that people stay home and socially distance for weeks.


MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT: I can't make this any clearer. You absolutely must stay at home. We will cite you. And of we need to we will arrest you and we will take you to jail. Period. There should be nothing unambiguous about that.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I guess you would all imagine that a lot of people were surprised when she made a trip to the hair salon.


MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT: I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to um, have a haircut.


FEMAL TV REPRTER VOICE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi under fire tonight after security footage showed her inside a San Francisco hair salon that's closed to the general public.


SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI: It was a set up. So I take responsibility for falling for a setup. And that's all I'm going to say on that. [cut] I think that they owe, that the salon owes me an apology.


TUCKER CARLSON: Almost immediately after telling the rest of New York City to stay inside for example, Mayor Bill De Blasio loaded up his SUV with government bodyguards and headed for the gym across town in Brooklyn.


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO: I need exercise. And again, I have to stay healthy so I can make the decisions for the people of this city.


FEMALE TV REPORTER VOICE: The leader is embroiled in controversy for attending a party at 10 Downing Street in May of 2020. At the tine, the country was under a strict government-imposed lockdown.


UK PRIME MINISTER BORIS JOHNSON: That I myself fell short when it came to observing the very rules which the government I lead had introduced to protect the public—


CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU: Let's put into practice what it truly means to love our neighbors as ourselves by making sacrifices to protect their health. Let's stay home for them.


TUCKER CARLSON: Not long after recording the video you just saw, Trudeau left the capital and traveled all the way to Quebec to visit his family at their lake house. Just like you'd want to do on Easter, if you were allowed to do that. But you're not allowed. So stop complaining.


MALE TV REPORTER VOICE: Former president tweeted: "It might be Labor Day weekend, but let's all remember that we're still in the middle of a pandemic. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow the experts. It'll save lives."

Former President can be seen in pictures hitting the dance floor without a mask or

told that he danced all night and had a great time.


MALE TV REPORTER: San Francisco mayor London Breed was defiant today when asked about video of her without a mask at a nightclub earlier this week.


MAYOR LONDON BREED: I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit. And I wasn't thinking about a mask. I was thinking about having a good time—


MALE TV REPORTER: Mayor Steve Adler's apologizing tonight for traveling to Mexico with a group of family and friends last month despite urging Austinites to stay home.


MALE TV REPORTER: As he issued this message on the night of November 9th.

MAYOR STEVE ADLER: And then we need to, you know, stay home if you can.

MALE TV REPORTER: He was doing it from a time share in Cabo San Lucas.


MAYOR STEVE ADLER: Sorry I took that trip. Ah, it was a lapse in judgement.


FEMALE TV REPORTER: Governor [of Michigan] Whitmer is facing some backlash after a picture surfaced of her dining at a restaurant with at least 12 other people at a table, a violation of the state Health Department's epidemic order.


GOVERNOR GRETCHEN WHITMER: It's, you know, it was an honest mistake and I, I have apologized for it.


ROD MELONI: Well, you know, the governor spent a lot of time asking Michiganers not to go on spring break, particularly in Florida. It took the governor's office a couple of months to confirm it, but she indeed flew from Lansing to West Palm Beach in a private jet on March 12th, spent the weekend with her father, and headed back to Lansing on March 15th.


TUCKER CARLSON: Again and again they do the very things they punish us for doing. When they're caught, they acknowledge no shame. They are entirely lacking in self-awareness. They have no idea how absurd they are.



#   #   #


* French Laundry is a stunningly expensive 3 star Michelin restaurant in California's Napa Valley. It's official website is https://www.thomaskeller.com/tfl

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Yup and when it got to December 2021 we were ordered to stay out of "enclosed spaces" if our vax certs were out of date or non existent, that means, no bank (change of investment contract), no notary (for new contract abroad), having to ask vaxed family to cover for us for SIX MONTHS (we managed due to THEIR sacrifice), we managed.

Then I found Telegram where paid vax certs were available ("pay when you see your record on the Min of Health database" - now how does THAT happen!?!?!?!?!) . For sake of integrity we left that alone.

Naturally, each "subscribing" nation gets a big IMF loan once they can show % vaccination (see: Tanzania, where President John Magufuli stood up in public and wiped the floor with some amusing put downs of the PCR "test" (quail, papaya, goat, all positive) and then closed the national lab doing the tests ... and then "died suddenly". My contact over there, part of the NGO bubble, kind of let me know it was not an accident (ref.: Shinzo Abe in Japan). Lo and behold, Vice Pres gets the job* and announces vax programme followed by announcing nice IMF loan. Loan my a*se!!

*Took a week to persuade her, reading between the well-spaced lines.

FF to earlier this year and with a family/community get together (missed those very badly) one of our cousins made a point that us two were alive and well and healthy and not even vaxed! Was a Good Moment I can tell you.

We live in a South American Andean country where get togethers are the most important feature of spiritual, social, AND commercial life. So that was a bad two years.

And one of my relatives is facing a serious operation based (with HER health record) on the interfering and unnecessary vax conspiracy.

Thanks for the space!

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There was an outdoor park, near the bay, in Miami. I saw that the authorities had closed it off. I thought hmmmmm... Were outdoors spaces safer or less safe? Why close off an open space? Then I thought, wow. Whatever, with nobody there at all it has got to be the safest place around! I walked on the other side of the rope for a few yards, then ducked back into, Um ---- civilization.

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Yes, we were told about everything from the beginning to the end. The Government and the medical community became the all knowing Alpha and Omega.

Yet, members of Congress exempted themselves from the mandates.

Didn't they also exempt themselves from Obama Care?

They're not stupid-they just think we are.

And don't take my word for it-just believe it because I said so.

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Well said!!!!

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Pureblood! I was preparing to go into poverty. But enough of my co workers said the same, and they backed off

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